Refrigerant Float Switch

“New and Improved”

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Type: LLSS Liquid Level Control

Working Pressure: 31 bar (450 psig)

Customer Value Proposition:

The LLSS Float Switch is designed for monitoring and managing refrigerant levels in flooded surge drums, flooded shell and tube chillers, high and low pressure receivers, intercoolers, transfer vessels and various types of accumulators. The unique design of the new and improved LLSS Float Switch allows it to withstand corrosive environments associated with many industrial refrigeration conditions.

Product Features:

• Suitable for Ammonia, R-22, R-507, R-134a and other common refrigerants
• 304L stainless steel tank; Compact design: 3-1/2” Dia.
• -75 to 65ºC (-100 to 150ºF) liquid refrigerant range (LLSS tank)
• -45 to 65ºC (-50 to 150ºF) ambient operating temperature range
• New replacement switch assembly is constructed of a UV stabilized polycarbonate material which eliminates the need for a metal cover
• Improved magnet attraction mechanism; longer life cycle
• Moisture ingression eliminated; Heater is not required in low temperature applications
• Switch assembly is compatible with liquid level models LL, LLS, and LLA
• Lower shipping cost; LLSS weighs 3.6 kg (8 lbs)
• PED, CE, and IP65 Certification

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